Affordable and Clean Energy

Throughout 1990 and 2010, the number of people with access to electricity has increased by 1.7 billion, and as the global population continues to rise so will the need for cheap energy. This is not good because that would mean we would need to find a way to get cheap and clean energy to benefit everybody. In 2016 we did pretty good but there is one continent that is not getting access to Electricity as much as the others, which is Africa. The reason Africa doesn’t have too much energy is because Africa is not as civilized as the other continents, which means that the energy won’t be very efficient.

Electricity Access, 2016

If we were to get clean and efficient energy we would have to use something that wouldn’t cost too much money but is still effective. That’s where renewable energy comes in! It’s clean and doesn’t cause too much harm to our environment. Also, it’s pretty cheap! Then why aren’t we using it right now. Well, renewable energy is not as effective as not renewable energy like Coal and Nuclear Energy. Which means that we would need to have a lot of renewable energy in order to get more energy. First we need to find the best renewable source of energy because there are a ton! Such as, Solar Energy, Hydroelectricity, and Wind Power. Solar Energy is good for the environment and is safe but doesn’t give too much energy. Hydroelectricity is also safe for the environment but generates more electricity than solar and is also affordable.

Wind energy is also safe and affordable and also generates around the same amount as all of the others. The three are all great but there are still more efficient energies. The reason they don’t create energy is because it is renewable unlike non-renewable energies. Below there is a mix of the safest and cleanest types of energies.

Safest and Cleanest Sources of Energy

The ones that are the safest are Solar and Hydropower with 0.02 deaths. The cleanest energy is Nuclear Energy which emits 3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. The one that has the most global energy is Coal but it generates a ton of greenhouse gas emissions for our environment. The one that generates the least amount of global energy is Solar and also emits more greenhouse gases than Wind and Nuclear energy which is bad. Also, Coal is worse than Oil because Oil causes less greenhouse gases, has more global energy and is much more safe than Coal but still provides less energy than Coal.

Countries that get most of its energy from Renewable Sources.

Currently some countries have a good amount of renewable energy and some don’t have as much. South America has the most renewable energy compared to the others. Africa has barely any renewable energy which is a problem. So what could be the best one most of us shift to? Each energy has its pros and cons. Some are affordable, some create a ton of energy, some are renewable and some are non-renewable. If the country is well developed it would be good to have half high generating energy and half renewable energy to help the environment. The ones that aren’t that well developed should have 10% high generating energy and 90% renewable energy since it’s affordable and good for the environment. If we were to switch to a safer environment and help climate change be better, Renewable Energy is the best choice also it’s affordable and clean.



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